An Extra 4 Hours of Daylight - How to Keep the Kids Happy

An Extra 4 Hours of Daylight - How to Keep the Kids Happy

Midsummer’s Day has long been considered one of the most important days of the year. It’s celebrated all around the world, but for parents it presents an extra challenge – what to do when the sun just keeps on shining and the kids won’t go to sleep? Rather than fighting children’s tendencies to stay awake, try to work with them to keep the peace.

Children like to use this thing they call “imagination” It’s basically a form of lying where you try to one-up each other’s lies with ever more ridiculous and impossible things. If you and your kids are stuck at a mall or industrial park tell them to “pretend” that they’re construction workers or coffee baristas and they don’t hate their jobs. Or that they’re on the planet Mars looking for dinosaurs, you know whatever kids like these days.

If you can’t get them to entertain themselves with their imagination you can try another approach: technology. Most children are born today with an addiction to playing mobile games on your phone or tablet, so you’d better let them indulge before their withdrawal seizures start. Just remember to not have your credit card information saved on the device or you’ll be looking at a bill for over $100 worth of Candy Crush power ups. If you have multiple children remember you can get Android phones or tablets much cheaper than apple products, and they work just as well and run the same apps.

If you need to have some alone time, or adult time, away from your kids there’s many ways to keep them happy and not have to deal with them. In pretty much every city in the world there is a library, and if that library hasn’t been affected by budget cuts then it’s still open. Drop your kids off there and let the librarians deal with them. This will make the librarians hate you but you can get some quiet time. There’s also a number of special classes and events at your local library designed specifically for children. You don’t need to sit through those since you’re already an adult and know what it feels like to give up on your dreams and freedom.

Use these tips and you’ll be able to get through those long summer days without needed to browse Giving Up For Adoption websites.