Cave into Comfort - the Caves Resort, Jamaica

Cave into Comfort - the Caves Resort, Jamaica

Most of the time I travel to see things, meet people and explore new places, but sometimes you really do just want to get away from it all. One of the places I most enjoyed “getting away from it” was the Caves Resort in Jamaica, where I spent a whole week being away from it all. It was definitely worth it.

The defining feature of the Caves Resort is, expectedly, the caves. The location is fantastic and situated directly on the ocean over the caves. From the hotel you can kayak, snorkel, and probably just swim to explore the aquatic caves. The more adventurous travelers can even try cliff diving from several stories high on the cliffs into the Caribbean.

The grounds are very relaxing. The resort itself is small compared to many of the other big players, but the grounds are large. It’s easy to find many places around to sit in private and watch the ocean. There are endless ways to relax at The Caves, it’s hard not to! There are also many staff members around to help if you need them, but if you need privacy they will fade into the background where you won’t notice them. Remember to tip the very helpful ones!

The food is also very good. It is mainly Jamaican but you can ask the chefs to cook nearly anything for you. I very much enjoyed the Jerk Chicken dish they make.

This resort would work better as a couples retreat than a place for families. Many of the cliffs and caves would be dangerous for your children or people unsure of their swimming skills. Life vests are easy to get, though. Being away from children also goes with the relaxing nature of the hotel. There are few children you will see here and it is very rare to hear a child crying, which is definitely a good thing for relaxing.

If you’re looking for a great place to get away from the bustle of the busy hotels and you just want to relax next to the ocean, then you can’t go wrong with The Caves resort in Jamaica.