Find hotels with truck and trailer parking

Find hotels with truck and trailer parking

It's not easy finding a hotel with space to park your truck, trailer, boat, RV, camper, uhaul or whatever you have that is too large to fit in a normal parking spot. Here are some tools to greatly assist you in finding exactly those types of hotels.

The best website to help you find hotels with parking for your truck is They can help you find the perfect hotel if you have massive 18 wheeler or slightly oversize pickup truck. The site has all the information you need to find your hotel.

First, you can find reviews of actual travelers and what they have to say about the parking situation at each hotel. Then each hotel has a button you can click to bring up the satellite view where you can see for yourself if the parking lot has space for your over sized vehicle. And lastly you can bring up the phone number of the hotel to call and ask them selves if they can accommodate your truck in the parking lot.

All this information gives you a much quicker view of the hotels that permit truck parking. You don’t have to search around blindly on typical hotel booking sites that don’t have a clue which hotels have and don’t have truck parking.

An alternative to is the not as good website, which does have some overlapping hotels, but their information is often years out of date, listing hotels that no longer exist. They also don’t have reviews or an easy satellite view of each hotels parking lot.

Use these tools to find the best hotel with a parking situation that can accommodate your truck. But there is still some research you have to do yourself. Some hotels may let you park your truck sideways across multiple parking spots. Other motels might not. Some hotels have a dedicated unpaved lot nearby that is used for parking big rigs. But it could be full on your particular night so it’s best to call ahead of time.

It might be a little harder finding a hotel for an over sized load, but it’s not as difficult as it used to be. Do your research, plan ahead, and your trip will go off without a hitch.