Finding Hotels With Smoking Rooms

Finding Hotels With Smoking Rooms is gone for good, use the alternative:

It’s starting to seem like the only place you’re allowed to smoke anymore is 100 feet away from the nearest habitable building, next to an overflowing dumpster that hasn’t been cleaned since the Reagan administration. This is a problem when traveling and you never know when you’ll need to find a safe place to light up. Even though the good old days where you could start smoking anywhere (even on airplanes!) is over. There are still a few options out there if you want to book a hotel with a room you can smoke in.

Narrowing down the possible hotels

If you’re booking a hotel online, you need to find a room that let’s you select between Smoking and Non-Smoking. There isn’t a way to filter this in any of the major online hotel booking agents so you’ll have to go in to each hotel yourself and see if that option exists. For Expedia this means going to each room at a hotel, looking at the “More details” and seeing if smoking is even an option.

Finding smoking rooms in expedia

This can be very time consuming, especially since there may only be a handful of hotels with smoking rooms in your city. To help you narrow down potential hotels, I suggest you use a helper website which works to list only the hotels with provide smoking rooms. My favorite is, there also is Smokers United

Other ways to smoke at hotels

Instead of looking for hotels with dedicated smoking rooms you could also try to find rooms with balconies or patios. Check if the hotel permits smoking out there, sometimes there will already be ashtrays for your use. Be careful for nearby rooms with open windows (rare in hotels these days) or with ventilation ducts. Don’t stay out there too long smoking continuously and it’s unlikely anyone is going to know or care.

What to realistically expect of your options

Smoking room availability is somewhat dependent on your destination. In Las Vegas it’s hard not to find a hotel with smoking rooms. In more family friendly destinations such as Orlando, you might only find one or two.

Usually only the lowest class and cheapest hotels will have smoking rooms. Look for 2 star hotels, Motel 6 and the like. And usually only the most luxurious resorts will have balconies or patios. You will have few options in the mid-range market.

Good luck on your search for smoke friendly hotels, there may not be many options for people who enjoy smoking, but thankfully there are still some!