Floating Hotels - Let the Water Rock you to Sleep

Floating Hotels - Let the Water Rock you to Sleep

I’ve never been one for cruise ships – even though they move around, it feels like staying in one place for too long – but I do love the sensation of being on the water. That’s why I love floating hotels. I haven’t stayed in every floating hotel, but these are just a few of the hotels you can experience over the ocean.

If you’d like to experience a hotel over the ocean but not directly impacted by stormy weather I recommend the Crystal Pier Hotel & cottages in beautiful San Diego. At this hotel you can sleep comfortably with the sounds of ocean waves crashing, and watch surfers practice their craft outside your window. There’s also a neat tide pool area a bit north along the beach.

One of the most well-known floating hotels is the FloatHouse River Kwai in Thailand, where you have your own cabin floating peacefully on the Kwai River. You can only get to this hotel by taking a longboat up the river to your cabin, the boat ride alone gives you fantastic views of the river. This is a remote destination that will really make you feel like you’ve left your old life behind.

I guess for a floating house (sorry to be antiquated) the experience is all included. Your food, exercise, and just general relaxation is all there. You want to swim? Go for it! You want to run and lift weights for 60 minutes? You can! Have a nice family dinner? Order what you like from the nearest restaurant!

I’m not one who has gotten manicures, or pedicures, but when on a “floating cabin”? sure! And the massages were wonderful. Plenty of options, but not just if you’re into beauty treatments.

Although, I have to admit...movement is truly the way to move, sleep, and live. I hate to utilize “the motion of the ocean” motto, but there is truth to it! And it’s something your children may enjoy as well. Me and my husband had a wonderful time reclining by the river. The best part you ask? We were on a dock, so swinging in a hammock whilst swinging on the river meant a great way to enjoy your significant other and the stars.

I know there’s a lot of concern about the people, or the flesh-eating aquatic life, or traveling in general, but this was a great experience. This was well worth it!