How to Find a Romantic Hotel with a Hot Tub or Fireplace

How to Find a Romantic Hotel with a Hot Tub or Fireplace

Staying in a hotel is a great way to make an anniversary, or any special occasion, much more exciting. You can even stay at a hotel in the same city you reside. The great thing about romantic vacations is you can find them pretty much anywhere. Here is some useful information in planning your next romantic stay in a hotel.

Finding a Great Hotel

First thing you need to do is find a good hotel. There are a couple websites that specialize in discovering hotels that have a uniquely romantic nature. Room Tubs Is one of my favorites as it lists both hotels with hot tubs and hotels with fireplaces, and some with both! There also is Excellent Romantic Vacations Which has good curated lists, but generally has fewer listings. You could also just go straight to a hotel booking place like Expedia and try to sort your way down to an acceptable hotel, but you might have to dig through hundreds of options. You might also miss some great bargains. Many less-romantic hotels provide very romantic suites at an affordable price.

Planning your trip

The first part in planning your romantic vacation is to get the timing down right. Getting a romantic room or suite is not the same as booking a regular hotel room. These rooms are generally in much higher demand, especially around specific holidays like Valentine's Day, and weekends in general. Some rooms will need to be reserved several months ahead of time. If you're looking for something special last minute, don't expect many options unless you can be flexible and get a room in the middle of the week. You might also need to pay a very high price for booking last minute. Make your plans ahead of time for the right hotel for you.

Picking the right location can also be important. As much as you may like to you, you're unlikely to be spending the entire time inside your hotel room. Big cities will have pricey romantic suites with plenty of things to do nearby: shows, restaurants, etc. Hotels out in the country provide a more rustic experience with more outdoor activites, often at a cheaper price. Pick what compliments the person you are bringing. Don't always go with the cheapest hotel that has a hot tub or fireplace.

Making the Trip Perfect

Remember to call up the hotel before leaving to make sure everything is still good. Many times hotels might have certain services closed. You'll want to make sure everything you intend to use is working correctly. You don't want to reserve a room in a hotel that has a fantastic pool just to show up and see the pool is closed for renovations. Make sure to check the hotel hours as well. When is check-in, what about check-out? How late does room service run? It's a good idea to be up to date on all this information as it is hotel specific and you can't always find accurate information on their website.

Enjoy the Trip

The most important part is for you to enjoy the trip. Don't fuss if everything isn't perfect. If you find a hair in your hot tub just wash it away. If your fireplace is making a distracting whooshing noise just ignore it. If it seems like you're having a good time then your partner will catch on too. Relax and enjoy what you paid for and don't stress over trying to make everything perfect. The hotel will enjoy having you as a guest and they will be trying to make your stay memorable as best as they can.