Live like a Princess - the Oberoi Udaivilas

Live like a Princess - the Oberoi Udaivilas

If you’ve ever been to Udaipur in India, you’ll know that it’s a fascinating city with some really interesting historic buildings. You’ll also know that it’s really, really crowded. They call it the City of the Lakes and getting away from it to the beautiful lakeside retreat of the Oberoi Udaivilas is like escaping from Manhattan to the Galapagos Islands.

While most of the people in the city speak Hindi and a little English, you can get by easily at the hotel with plain old English. The City of Udaipur is commonly called “The most romantic spot in India” and the Oberoi Udaivilas lives up to that name. There are wide open beautiful English gardens. Marble buildings that look almost as if they were carved out of ivory, and a classical Indian mystique the is both mysterious and alluring at the same time.

I absolutely insist you stay outside for either the sunset or sunrise to see the entire building, more like a palace, become shimmering with gold from the sun. Bring your significant other and you will have a memory that will last for a lifetime. Even better, lounge by the pool. Most of the year it is warm enough to swim. Be wary of July and August when the Monsoon will cause frequent rain storms. The rest of the year is mainly dry.

The rooms at the hotel reflect the history of this ancient country. Distinctly Indian with many British elements reflecting when India was a British colony. The restaurant serves food I would mostly call “contemporary” with many local options. The bathrooms are also more British in that you will have an actual toilet seat with toilet paper to use if that is at all a concern of yours.

This romantic destination is an excellent choice for couples to spend some time at. If you’re lucky, you may even see a wedding hosted here and some lovely dancing.