Luxury in the Wilderness - the Rayavadee Hotel, Thailand

Luxury in the Wilderness - the Rayavadee Hotel, Thailand

Everybody loves a touch of luxury, especially on vacation, but sometimes staying in a comfortable hotel can be a bit too insulating. It’s too easy to lose track of where you are, of the character of the place, the real reason why travel is so exciting. The Rayavadee Hotel manages a balance between giving you unmatched luxury without hiding the spirit and character of your surroundings.

The Rayavadee hotel has a very open layout. You can swim in the series of pools next to the ocean, which are so lovely they also function as reflecting pools, you wouldn’t be surprised to see an elaborate fountain in the middle of them. There are also numerous lounge chairs lined up along the coast so you can see the beauty of the ocean and the nearby cliffs. The location is simply stunning, to put the hotel anywhere else in the world would be a great disservice.

Stand still on the hotel grounds and will begin to notice you are not alone. The trees are filled with monkeys. These distantly related friends will generally leave you alone. But since they are used to living around humans at the resort, they will often get boldly close to anyone they suspect might have food.

Speaking of food, you should definitely have breakfast each day at one of the hotel’s restaurants: The Ratlay Terrace. The food is delicious and to eat it from such a wonderful view will leave you with tasty dreams of this place for months.

If you have a bucket list, you should put this hotel near the top. It is that good. And I’ve stayed at many memorable hotels either on business or with my family.