6 Ways to Identify Hotwire Hotels (That Work Great In 2019)

6 Ways to Identify Hotwire Hotels (That Work Great In 2019)

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Did you see that message on Hotwire: "book soon the last person got the ..."? Well, it's often incorrect. If you want accurate Hotwire Hotel Identifications use the Hotwire identification tool to easily find the real name of that Hotwire hotel. Or if you want to take the long way and manually figure out the hotel's name, keep reading.
First collect the following data from the unknown hotel:

Find the area the hotel is in.

hotel_area hotwire

Check if there is a resort fee.


Get the star rating and price.


List the amenities.

You can get the full list of amenities by clicking "Book Now" and clicking on the "see more" link on the right column of the screen. A credit card is not required to look at the amenities. see_more_amenities

Look at the age restriction. And TripAdvisor information

tripadvisor The Tripadvisor information is the key, the majority of hotels can be accurately identified with only the hotel's area and Tripadvisor's rating & range of reviews.  You'll want to compare every potential hotel with this Tripadvisor rating and the range of reviews. The age restriction is not as useful as it was in the previous Hotwire website version. You may still use it to help verify a correct hotel, but if the age doesn't align then it doesn't mean much since I see different areas have different age restrictions for the same hotel. hotwire_age_restriction

Compare information with potential hotels

In the following steps, you will narrow down a list of comparable hotels to reveal the secret identity of the hotel you are interested in. Use the "Standard Rate Hotels" tab at the top of the page. standard_rate_hotel Select the Star rating for the hotel. The website doesn't recognize 1/2 star ratings. If you want to find a 3 1/2 star hotel, you will need to pick 3 stars, and manually filter the results. hotwire_star_ratings Select all the amenities you can match from the earlier amenities list. You should match them like this: match_up_amenities Not all of the amenities will match, but hopefully you will have enough to narrow down the list substantially. Next, you will want to see where each of the filtered hotels are on the map. Click on the map view: map_view Click on the hotels on the map that are in the same area that the secret hotel is in. You want to open up each hotel page in a different tab. After this, you should have a series of tabs with potential hotels. If there is only one hotel, then you are done! Otherwise, you need to keep filtering. Compare the price, star rating, resort fee, and age restriction for each of the possible hotels. Also remember to compare the Tripadvisor ratings and number of reviews, in many cases you can ignore the amenities entirely and only focus on the Tripadvisor information.
If following the above method still didn't help you find the correct identification, you can use a couple more tricks to help you out:
  • The correct hotel is usually the one that is closest to the secret hotel rate. For example, if the secret hotel is $50 and you have two potential hotels that are each $80 and $200, then it is much more likely that the $80 hotel is the secret identity of the $50 one.
  • At times the secret hotel page will have a line that says, "Book soon! The last person got the XXYY Hotel". This does not always mean the secret hotel is the XXYY hotel, but it is correct more often than not.
  • If you end up with zero results after filtering, it could mean you've found a discrepancy between the two hotel databases. The standard rate database might not know all the amenities listed for the same hotel on the secret page. You might have to fudge the amenities a bit to find something that's close to a match.
  • Even after all the effort, some hotels are simply not able to be identified. It's time to either move on or take a risk with an unknown hotel.