Staying Safe in your Hotel as a Female Traveler - Top Tips

Staying Safe in your Hotel as a Female Traveler - Top Tips

Sometimes people ask me how I dare to travel to some of the places that I do, on my own. I find that very sad. It’s true that women face extra risks in traveling, but it’s generally possible to stay safe by trusting your instincts and using a bit of common sense when traveling to far off and exotic destinations.

1. Hotel rooms have more than one lock on the door for a reason, use them to feel safer. But also think about the likelihood of someone breaking into your room. Do you always lock the door at your house? When is the last time you heard a stranger jiggle uselessly at your door handle and then gave up because it was locked? There may be some truly evil people in the world but 99.999% of the people around you are just average individuals trying to get by who will leave you alone.

2. Keep pepper spray with you at all times. When traveling the TSA permits you carry a 118ml container of pepper spray in your checked bag. You could probably bring it in your carry-on luggage too if you use one of the tiny ones that look like lipstick. The TSA is very inept at their job and have never once in their entire career stopped an actual terrorist from harming anyone on an airplane. Think about that next time they make you late for your flight or demand to scan your naked body for posterity.

3. Tell a friend where you are and what you’ll be up to. Liam Neeson can only use his skills to find you if you leave a bread trail. Update your Instagram regularly of where you are. Post on Twitter what your plan is for today. Or just give a friend or family member your itinerary. Kidnappings are more likely than murders in some areas and it’s much easier to find you if people know where you were Taken.

4. Avoid being out at night. Crimes are more likely to happen at night, so avoid going out during that time! If you’re reading about the nice hotels on this blog, then you’ll have no trouble occupying yourself at the safety of your hotel. Most hotels have nice restaurants or at least bars where you can order food if you get hungry.

5. Take a self-defense class. I’ve never had to use it, but just knowing how to will make you more self-confident in your travels. Criminals prefer to target the doe-eyed uncertain tourists. Look like you know what you’re doing and feel safe and you’re more likely to be so! If you haven’t had time to take a class just stick to the basics: kicks to the crotch.

Use these tips and you shouldn’t have any trouble while traveling as a Female, and you will actually enjoy it quite a bit! Don’t use fear as an excuse to keep you at home.